BlackJack Classic

If you are a fan of a Blackjack game, then BlackJack Classic will satisfy your needs as this is a simple, yet highly appealing and interesting table game that will keep you playing for hours! First of all, thanks to the simple UI without too many complicated features and buttons, all kinds of players will love this game! The beautiful design, simple UI and pleasant music is all you need! We are assuming that you are familiar with the basic rules of this game, so we will not spend time explaining how to play this game. So, let’s start by describing some of the features that this game offers!

The appearance and the design

Once you run the game, you will notice the careful and neat design of the game, as well as the smooth transitions that ensure the seamless gameplay that will entertain you for hours. The sound of the dealer is pleasant and reminds of the real casino suite with a professional dealer that has a calm voice that makes you feel comfortable. The table layout is perfectly designed. The red table, with the clean cards and straightforward chip/bet selection, convinces you that the professionals were designing the game. Also, the commands on the right side feature the pleasant yellow color for REBEAT and DOUBLE & DEAL commands, making it visible and understandable even for the less experienced winners, while the main navigation and the current balance/bet status is placed at the top of the layout.

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18+. New Players Only. Terms apply. Please gamble responsibly.

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100% up to £200+200 free spins
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Up to £400 in Welcome Bonus Offers + 100 Spins

The gameplay

As the game is a classic version of BlackJack, the rules are simple. Before the round starts, you choose the amount/bet you want to place to challenge the dealer, followed by clicking on the DEAL button. Once the bets are placed, the dealer deals two cards. Two cards for himself and two for you and then you have a choice to choose whether to HIT or STAND, depending on the cards that you have received. The winner is whoever reaches the 21 (blackjack) first or if gets a higher value of cards in the case when an opponent STANDS instead of getting another card.

The bets and gameplay

After the first round, you will have an option to choose REBEAT & DEAL, or DOUBLE & DEAL, as well as REBET and NEW BET. The first one means that you will use the same bet you used in the previous round, the second means that you will double the previous bet and deal. The third means you only place a bet, without starting. The last one (NEW BET) means that you will choose a new bet from the start and then get the cards after you request the cards.