BlackJack Terms Explained – Everything You Need To Know

blackjack terms explained

Blackjack casino is one of the most searched terms on the Internet and a lot of people want to play this game. However, some players are not familiar with the rules that this game has. Therefore, we see an opportunity for us! We want to provide you a detailed explanation of the most used terms in this game, as you have to prepare yourself for this gambling session! The game has a goal of reaching 21 before the dealer, however, you have to get yourself familiar with the basic terms that show up in this game!


The Ace is the combination of two aces and these are the two best cards you can get! However, the aces can be counted as 11 or as 1, which is totally up to a player that has these two. There is a common strategy upon receiving two aces. Most of the players make “split” in this situation as they want to improve their chances for winning.


The term bankroll denotes the money that we have for gambling and it is a good strategy to define the amount of money for this game prior to the start. It is not recommended to invest all money into the Blackjack, as it is better to leave some money aside.


The bust, as its name denotes, is the term for losing the game. If you receive two Queens and another 5 card, you lose automatically as the sum up of these two is 25 (which is above 21 that is the amount for win). So, whenever you get over 21, you are busted! Either the dealer busts you by getting the cards that form 21 or you go over 21!

Double Down

Double down relates to the doubling of your bet on the current hand, which gives you the additional money in case you win. Let’s say you get two tens and you placed $15 initially; now you can double-down and add another $15 to your bet as you have 20 and you are waiting for another point to get 21! Note that you receive a single card only after this move!

Face Cards

Logically, these are all that have a face on themselves (Queens, Kings, Jacks). All of them have a value of 10 and this is the rule in all Blackjack games! These are the most favorite in this game!

Face Down BlackJack

This is a special version of this game where all players get cards with their faces down, so no one sees each other’s cards. The point is to play without knowing the opponent’s values, thus making the game much more interesting.

Face UP Blackjack

Often called Double Exposure, this is the standard game where all cards are dealt faced up so everyone could see them. This style of play makes a lot easier to play as you can make a strategy and plan according to the cards you see on the table.

Five Card Charlie

This denotes the combination of five ones that we receive but without going over 21. This comes up at every 50th hand approximately.


This is related to the cards that a player has in its hands at the moment of play.

A Hard Hand

A hard hand designates the hand without any ace or a hand where the ace has to be marked as a single-number value to avoid getting busted! It is named like this because it is hard to play with these cards.

Hole Card

The hole card relates to the second card that the dealer receives and it is faced down.

Hose Edge

The percentage that the casino has over its players.


The insurance is covering your losses in the ratio of 2:1 in case when a dealer gets blackjack.

Natural Hand

The combination of two that give 21!

Push/Stand Off

The situation when the both dealer and the opponent have 21. The profit is split equally but without the official winner of the hand.


The device that dealers use to hold several decks of cards.

Soft Hand

A good combination of cards that cannot bust you! For example, an ace and five form 16 and thus you are not risking he bust!

Soft 17

A hand that has an ace and other card that sum up 6. In some games, the dealer has to stand on the soft 17, giving the advantage to the player.


Diving the hand into two independent hands, where both of them have the equal value. In case you have two aces, you can make the split, but if you hit another ace after that, you cannot perform split again.


The decision to stop getting more cards to avoid busting.


Giving up a hand and getting 50% of your bets.


The first face-up card that the dealer deals.