The Most Popular Poker Players And Their Earnings

popular poker players

Online poker is one of the most played online games and players from all around the world like to compete for the title of the best player both online and live! This article will share with your some information about the best poker players in the world and the money they earn from playing. These guys are real professionals! They have devoted their time, lives and will to mastering this beautiful table game that is one of the best psychological games of all times! Stay tuned and read more about the best poker players in the world, find out a bit more on their lives and see how much they are worth at the moment!

Sam Farha – Net Worth $100 million

This guy is the living proof that poker can bring you a lot of money, but he is also a proof that you have to work hard in any discipline to stay at the top and be the best! His net worth is $100 million dollars and he is the Las Vegas’ casino spokesperson that played himself in the gambling movie Lucky You! If you like this game, you should read his books! He wrote one book about the successful strategy he applied in Omaha version of this game and he is currently writing another book! Mister Cool, as they call him because of his peaceful manners, comes from Lebanon but currently lives in Houston, TX.

Phil Ivey – Net Worth $100 million

The second most popular player is Phil Ivey who won more than $ 20 million dollars in this game, through various championships and competitions! As he was partnered with Tiltware (a company that is behind the Full Tilt Poker), his passive monthly net income was $900,000! His famous nickname is No Home Jerome! He got that nickname as he faked the ID to enter the casino suite in Atlantic City when he was a teenager. According to the statistics, he managed to gain $1,99 million on Full Tilt in 2007, $7.34 million in 2008, $6.33 million in 2009 and #3 million in 2010, which made him a nickname “Tiger Woods Of Poker”!

Chris Ferguson – Net Worth $80 million

No wonder that this guy had won six WSP events as he began gambling when he was 10 years old! He started out by playing online during the beginning of the 90’s before he started participating in the live Californian tournaments in 1995 when he stepped in the game of his first World Series Poker! He is known under the nickname Jesus. As his father teaches game theory and probability, he managed to learn a lot about the mathematics and game theory, which helped a lot in his playing. He had won more than $8,900,000 in the live tournaments, which speaks enough about his knowledge and proficiency in poker game!

Doyle Brunson – Net Worth $75 million

Though belongs to the generation of older poker players, Doyle is the legend of poker and one of the first guys that entered the poker Hall OF Fame in 1988. Even though it looked like he was going into the basketball, the fatal injury that he suffered prevented him from playing the basketball professionally, which led him to this game. He graduated in administrative education. However, he started playing professionally after he came to the first day of his job and since then he played regularly and professionally. In June last year, he decided to retire from the professional play and finished in sixth place among all poker players!