The Top 5 Live Roulette Games Every Player Should Play

top 5 live roulette games

Thanks to the technology advancements, the online casino industry has received new shapes of entertainment that can provide a genuine experience to both experienced and rookie players. If you want to play live roulette, you should know that the offer of these games has been expanded significantly. Instead of the standard roulette game that you can play in online casinos, players can experience different versions of this popular gambling adventure. We have prepared for you the top 5 live roulette games that will tempt you to play even more!

The Double Ball Roulette

Instead of the standard roulette game for real money where you spin a single ball on the table, you can try playing the double ball version. The croupier would spin the wheel but instead of one ball, he would throw two balls at the same time and thus give you higher rewards! Actually, the player will have a remote button. He has to push it to launch the balls on the spinning wheels.

However, this means that the player has fewer chances to win. Still, the decreased chance for a win is made up by the applying of the standard table layout, which means you do not have to learn any additional rules and bets. If you guess one number and you do not guess the second number, you will win a single number bet. Should you choose to bet on the color, both balls have to land on the same color in order to achieve the win. In case you guess both numbers correctly, you are entitled to win the Double Ball Jackpot!

The Immersive Roulette

For all players who want to enjoy the slow-motion game, the immersive roulette is the way to go! All the rounds are shot with the high-quality cameras in the live studio, where the players can track each ball spin in the slow-motion! The HD video quality and high-tech streaming feature record 200 frames per second! While you are placing bets, the cameras switch to the different angles as there are multiple cameras around the table. All games feature the European roulette table, while the bet limits depend on the casino you are playing in.

The Live VIP Roulette

All of the online gamblers like to feel appreciated and respected in the online casino and the live VIP roulette is exactly what makes the difference in online gambling! This version of the game comes with the standard table layout and the standard types of bets and it differentiates from other versions just because it is designed for the high rollers. There are no small bets like $5 and similar. Instead, these are usually from $50 and up. Also, all the games are streamed from Malta’s professional gambling’s studio that is host by the professional and experienced croupiers.

Auto La Partage Roulette

This game is much more player-friendly due to the exclusive rule that you cannot find in other roulette games. La Partage is the version without the croupier that hosts the game as the gameplay is automated and the wheel works automatically. In the standard versions, whenever a ball lands on zero slot, the player will not receive any win unless he placed his bet on zero. La Partage solves this by giving the low house edge and offers the player to retrieve half of his overall bet when a ball lands on the zero slot in the case when the player did not make a bet on this number.

Speed Roulette

If you are looking for a fast roulette game where you do not “lose any time”, then you should try this version. The game features the standard rules, the presence of the dealer who is specialized in the fast games, as well as the slightly changed table layout. However, the main principle remains the same and you should have no problem in getting accustomed to the game. The main difference from others is that this version has no “break” or pause between the rounds. As soon as the winning number is revealed, the dealer starts the new game. This means that the players can play 50 rounds more in a single hour!