Play Online Casino Games And Earn Money In Coronavirus Quarantine

casino online earn money

Amid the coronavirus outbreak that became the global health problem, we have to find a way to entertain ourselves while staying in our homes. One of the best ways is to participate in online gambling as there are a lot of games that will provide you with entertainment and great odds to win money. If you have a favorite game, play it. If you do not, let’s recommend several titles that you could play while trying to score some money, even a jackpot! Try to play real money casino and increase your budget! We tested all these titles so you do not have to worry about transparency, randomness and fair play.

Mega Moolah Slot

This is Microgaming’s finest title in the category of slots online as it gives the players colorful, addicting and highly entertaining designs that will make you fall in love with this progressive slot game! This cartoony tropical jungle offers you 25-pay lines where you have to collect lions, monkeys, zebras, elephants, buffalos and antelopes. The main progressive jackpot offers $1 million! This is one of the gambling adventures that pay a lot of money to players and every good casino has this one! Once you enter the randomly triggered bonus game, you have a chance to win the top prize of $1 million!

Progressive Blackjack

If you are a fan of Blackjack, then the progressive form will be a blast for you due to the side bets that you can place! The rules are pretty much the same as they are in classic Blackjack, with the difference that you have side bets that you place aside from your main bet. The ultimate win is $25,000 or $30,000, depending on the casino. To win this progressive bet/jackpot, you need to get 4 black aces or four black aces. The fewer number of aces reduces the final prize you win.

Age Of Gods roulette

The popular title Age Of Gods has a roulette adaption for all those who like Greek mythology and roulette table! While the rules stay within the classic roulette version (European popularly called), it includes a few additional bets like Voisins du Zero, Tier, Orphelins and Neighbors. In case the ball lands of the AOG symbol slot, the bonus game starts. It features a 3-reel slot where you have three spins that you use in a special wheel. In addition, there is also a progressive play that can be triggered randomly.

Pai Gow Poker

This is a traditional Asian poker that has some resemblance to the game of domino. It contains a wild card that is a joker. This card is used to achieving straight, flush or Straight Flush hands. You start the game with 7 cards but you need to form two hands with these cards (one hand has 5 and the other 2 cards). This is a bit different poker than you are probably used to, but it is very interesting and more complex, which is exactly what you want if you like poker! You have plenty of time during the corona quarantine to try the different tactics that you can find online!